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Ha Ji Won’s Airport Fashion, Sexy In Black

On August 17th, Ha Ji Won was seen at Incheon airport. On her black maxi dress just two words for Ha Ji Won: Cool and Sexy. Yeah..she’s always perfect with black. She also looked confident walking with pretty platform wedges and brought the burgundy shoulder bag as if on red carpet. Sleeveless and low neck dress […]


Ha Ji Won’s Pictorial on Movie Week August

Sorry it’s too late, but it’s too gorgeous to be missed. Just for your information, Ha Ji Won appeared on Movie Week magazine for August as cover story talks about her new movie “Sector 7”. Because I think I have much to tell about Ha Ji Won, her career, her personalities and so on, even […]

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Ha Ji Won-Kim Ha Neul: The Queens’s Battle for this Summer

Since August 4th “Sector 7” has been released and recorded big hit on first weekend and become the first place on Korea’s box office chart. But the real battle hasn’t begin until tomorrow (August 8th), Kim Ha Neul’s thriller movie “Blind” has officially released. Yups..for this summer Korean movie industry invaded a number of amazing […]

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“Sector 7” Smash Hit!

Only five days after officially released on August 4th, “Sector 7” has been able to attract one million more viewers. The audience flocked to theaters to watch this most anticipated summer movie which was created in 3D format. On August 8th, it’s recorded that 1,354,680 people came to theaters to watch this Sci-fi movie. Eventually, […]


Ha Ji Won: “Sector 7, Fighting!”

Through her me2day account, on August 3rd, a day before “Sector 7” officially released (August 4th), Ha Ji Won up loaded her new photo. With her amusing photo, she wrote “Tomorrow is a big day for Sector 7, fighting!”. Ha Ji Won looks silly-adorable on that photo, she appears with dorky expression and wore an […]

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Ha Ji Won’s Fashion on “Sector 7” Special Media Preview Event

Before her movie is released on August 4th, her duties for “Sector 7” hasn’t ended, including to attend “Sector 7” special media event that was held at Wangshipri CGV, Seoul. Beside Ha Ji Won, her co-worker, Park Cheol Min and Kim Ji Hoon, the director also came to that event. These days, Korean entertainment public […]


Ha Ji Won Accomplishing Gil Ra Im’s Dream Through “Sector 7”

As we already know that “Sector 7” will be officially released on August 4th. The success of this movie will be very meaningful for Ha Ji Won. Ha Ji Won truly dedicated her life For “Sector 7”. She spent 8 hours a day for heavy physical training to get the perfect body shape for the […]

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Oh Ji Ho talks About Ha Ji Won

at the first i knew that Oh Ji Ho who will be play as Ha Ji Won’s boyfriend on “Sector 7” i felt so glad, recalling his role on “Chuno” i think he deserved for that role. For Ha Ji Won’s lover you must looks manly, brave, hot, and tough, and i think Oh Ji Ho […]


The Innocent Ha Ji Won on “Sector 7” VIP Movie Premiere Event

On this article i don’t want to talk about her movie, “Sector 7” that will be released on August 4th. I just want to share my opinion about her appearance on VIP movie premiere event on July 26th. as always, Ha Ji Won looked gorgeous, but i saw something a bit different with her that […]

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