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Secret Garden: 70 Hyun Bin’s Expressions

Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) is an arrogant rich man, selfish, and eccentric in “Secret Garden”. One night his soul swapped with Gil Ra Im’ soul, a stubborn poor girl. Now the fans of “Secret Garden” and especially Hyun Bin’s fans get the Christmas gifts early. On official website of “Secret Garden”, released 70 expression […]

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Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won on Sparkling Suit

Ough .. please no sparkling tracksuit anymore. After Hyun Bin with so much pride wearing the sparkling tracksuit in the first and second episodes, in episode 8 that aired on December 5th, it’s Ha Ji Won’s turn. Kim Joo Won definitely loved it, even after his soul in Gil Ra Im’s body, he still wearing […]

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SBS Has Many Gentleman

Blessed SBS viewers! They are pampered by beautiful faces at the end of this year. SBS broadcast “Secret Garden”, “Daemul”, and “Athena: Goddess of War”, all dramas bring handsome faces, good bodies, and sexy ass: Hyun Bin, Kwon Sang Woo, Jeong Woo Seong, and Cha Seung Won. “Secret Garden” and “Daemul” already running, but the […]

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Secret Garden Episode 4 Summary

Sorry I’m soo late. Frankly I don’t like this episode, too much tense in the scenes. After three episodes I laughed a lot, this episode I turned out sad. Unlike in the first and second episode, where Joo Won was a nobody and turned to be Gil Ra Im’s fan in a short time, here […]

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Highlight of “Athena”

Actually this action drama was supposed to be released on November. But it had been postponed because of “Giant”. And while “Giant” episodes comes to an end, “Athena: Goddess Of War” is ready to replace it starts on December 13. For anticipation, SBS has released the highlight and trailer for the drama. There’re a lot […]

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Hyun Bin-Yoon Sang Hyun: Shared a Kiss

After Ha Ji Won, then Hyun Bin doing something crazy. I think this drama is getting more crackpot and I like it. Gil Ra Im suddenly become a pervert, while Kim Joo Won suddenly become wimpy and girly. Hyun Bin is no longer Kim Joo Won since Gil Ra Im’s soul in him. Gil Ra […]


Ha Ji Won as Ha Joo Won

I adore Ha Ji Won more and more. In “Secret Garden”, her acting is -as laways- very good. After Kim Joo Won’s soul move into her body, I could see Joo Won within her. In episode 7 (which aired on December 4), in addition to using the mighty sparkling tracksuit, Ha Ji Won’s acting was […]

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Hyun Bin vs Jang Geun Seok?

Two most popular dramas of the month, “Secret Garden” (SBS) and “Marry Me, Mary” (KBS2TV), have each leading man character with unique taste in fashion. In “Secret Garden”, Hyun Bin as the eccentric, elegant, arrogant, and wealthy Kim Joo Won. In “Marry Me, Mary”, Jang Geun Suk as the free sprit and I-don’t-gave-a-damn person Kang […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 7 Summary

Jeong In didn’t stay cool this time after Moo Gyeol making such a scheme. He took Mae Ri leaving the party, but Jeong In ran after them. He gave him a hard punch. Yeah, that’s what Jeong Seok’s son should do! fight fight fight. The shocking Mae Ri tried to separate the men, but she […]