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Secret Garden Episode 9 Summary

I didn’t expect that the wacky-lunatic-soul-excahnged would be so short. It means the soul exchanged was only the dirty way for Ms.Writer to create situation to Joo Won and Ra Im for knowing each other? dunno… Frankly, I’m pretty disappointed with this episode because when they return to normal condition, their relationship also returned to […]

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ATHENA Episode 1-2: A Brief Introduction

The most anticipated spin-off IRIS has been aired on SBS since last week. Action drama or movie has never been my favourite. However, since this drama has been a hot topic of -probably- this whole year, I think I need to take a look. I’m not gonna recap the episodes, just make a brief introduction […]

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Secret Garden Episode 8 Summary

Forget about “The Little Mermaid”, just enjoy your life now, if necessary, lets ruin this life, because this is not your life but Kim Joo Won’s life. From kissing lovely cousin until “lovely” signature, Gil Ra Im really know how to destroy Joo Won’s life. Watch out for Hyun Bin’s fan on this episode you’ll […]

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“Secret Garden” Stable Rating

After episode 12 was aired on Dec.19th, “Secret Garden” rating was 24,7% (AGB Nielsen). Although it’s higher than the previous episode, which was only 23.7%, this wasn’t the highest during the broadcast. I think the rating can be much more than that after half way (12 episode from 20 episode), but so far the rating […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 11 Summary

I go against Moo Gyeol’s idea! What the heck he’s talking about? The idea of having Wi Mae Ri living with both of them in turn sounded disrespecting her. Why Mae Ri agreed to do this idea was another big question in my head. However, I found some improvements in this episode and I hope […]

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Sorry for Cutie Moo Gyeol

Cutie-sweety-girly-vocalist?Ough..whatever!  I don’t know what to say anymore after seeing these pictures. Actually I’ve been on over-the-edge to watch “Marry Me, Mary! “. The story is too cliché, for me, so I just gave up. I feel sorry for Moon Geun Yeong, I think she’s wasting her time in this drama. [images sources]

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“I Love You” for Athena Soundtrack By Tae Yeon (SNSD)

I’ve watched two episodes of “Athena: Goddess of War”, is quite interesting and exciting. Besides Cha Seung Won, my old bad boy, I also like this drama because “I Love You ” (사랑 해요) song for the soundtrack of this drama sung by Tae Yeon, SNSD leader. From the nine members of SNSD, Taeyeon is […]

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Secret Garden Soundtrack part 3

This time the soundtrack of romantic comedy drama “Secret Garden”  feels more romantic. My favorite song is still “That Woman “(그여자) by Baek Ji Yeong, but I’m glad to hear these songs. they are: Here I Am (piano ver.) by Mi, “Reason” (이유) by 4Man, and “Scar”( 상처만) by BOIS 미美 – Here I Am […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 10 summary

Ouggh, couldn’t this drama be any boring? Actually i could summarize this 70 minutes something of drama into only three to five sentences. But I knew I couldn’t do that. So here we are.. Mae Ri was a bit shock with the scene, yet she did nothing but pretended there’s nothing happened. She picked up […]