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Secret Garden Episode 7 Summary

Actually I felt a dilemma with previous episode. I admitted I enjoyed the wacky-lunatic-body-swapped, but frankly I felt a little disappointed because there was something missing from Joo Won. I couldn’t find “Joo Won as Gil Ra Im’s fan”. Other than the kissing scene, I think there was no romantic things happened on previous episode. […]

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Athena Success Beats Other Dramas

December 13th  “Athena: Goddess of War” started airing on SBS. The results were very encouraging, this drama managed to beat other dramas and gained as high rating as 22.8% on the first day (according to AGB Nielsen). Athena is a spin-off of IRIS, and it is not possible to repeat or even exceed the success […]

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Secret Garden: Cappuccino Foam Kissing

After Episode 10 aired on December 13, according to AGB Nielsen “Secret Garden” rating reached 25.1%. Wow! And I think if the leads keep playing as good as they’re now and Ms. Writer always gives us surprises that make an interesting story, the drama will possibly get more successful. I love the story in “Secret […]

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Hyun Bin from “Secret Night Club”

I think “Secret Garden” is getting more ridiculous, in the beginning of episode 9, Ms. writer wrote a witty scene about the phenomenal sparkling tracksuit. Kim Joo Won who had returned to his body should stay behind the bar, he was in the same room with a drunker who wore a sparkling tracksuit just like […]

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Secret Garden Episode 6 Summary

I couldn’t stop laughing watching this episode. Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin really stir crazy. Before starting this summary, to make it easier for all of us, I want to explain the rules. I will call Gil Ra Im in Kim Joo Won’s body as Gil Joo Won and I will still regard her […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 9 Summary

As much as my reluctance of watching episode 9, I lost my eagerness to write its summary. Everything I saw in this episode was what I called as the typical of 20th century drama…surprisingly very old fashioned. Most of us might have guessed that Jeong In’s reaction would be quite plain. He’s cold as usual, […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 8 Summary

I hate to say it,but unfortunately this episode is just too disappointing. Not only for the unimprove story line that getting me nutz,but also for the mediocre lines. I’m afraid this drama will be as tiring as Moon Geun Yeong’s previous KBS drama ‘Cinderella Step Sister’. But maybe it’s too early for my quick judgement […]


Writer Replacement in “Marry Me, Mary!”

It seemed that i wasn’t the only one who felt discontent of “Marry Me, Mary!” plot. Just yesterday afternoon, December 10th, they officially announced Lee Eun Ah writer resignation from the drama production. Well, I have to give her a credit for that decision. I guess there’ve been many viewers screaming for more surprises in […]

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Secret Garden Episode 5 Summary

Despite the fact that episode 4 was disappointing for me, I continued on watching. The reason is maybe bacause i have fallen in love deeply with this drama. Thankfully this episode is more interesting than before. From now on, I try not to expect too much and just enjoy this drama.  At least this episode […]