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Ham Eun Jung Out, Jin Se Yeon In for “Five Fingers”?

Finally Ham Eun Jung (had to) let down her role on “Five Fingers” as Hong Da Mi, still unclear which side cut the contract, Eun Jung’s or SBS but with T-ara’s bullying scandal that still buzzing among korean public, this decision is not a surprise. Nowadays is the difficult time for T-ara members to develop their careers […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 23 Summary

The opening of Gaksital 23 was the scene where Gaksital was trying to free the reporter and then caught in a deathly fight with Ueno’s right man. He walked away and then fell unconscious on the way. Shonji approached him and was so shock when he opened Gaksital’s mask. All his suspicion was confirmed: Gaksital […]

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Five Fingers Episode 1 Summary

The story started with a famous pianist, Yoo Ji Ho was having an amazing battle performance with his little brother, Yoo In Ha. Their fingers were fast and their piano performance awed all the audience. But then the scene moved to Yoo mansion, where their mother, Chae Yeong Rang, was ready for a private dinner […]

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Son Ye Jin Dropped, Park Yoo Chun Still Considers “I Miss You”

It seems that Son Ye Jin has to postpone her small screen comeback. On August 20, reportedly that she was under reviewing of MBC up-coming drama “I Miss You” (보고 싶다)  alongside with Park Yoo Chun, then through her agency, she made official statement that due to her movie tight scheduled she’s forced to turned […]

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The Parody of Gangnam Style “Gaksital”

Psy’s song “Gangnam Style” has been a buzz almost everywhere around the globe. Even though my Korean friends and I kept wondering  what’s really so special about the literary so-called Gangnam’s style, but this song with Psy’s horse riding dance is really something. And for KBS’ high rating drama, “Gaksital”, they seem to never run […]

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Ji Sung Is Back For “The Great Seer” (대풍수)

“The Great Seer” or “The Great Feng Shui Master” or “Dae Poong Soo” added more casts, after Ji Jin Hee, Lee Yoon Ji, and Kim So Yeon on the list, finally they chose Ji Sung, as the Master. On August 16th, Ji Sung’s agency, Namoo Entertainment released  statement that their actor positively joins the new sageuk […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 22 Quick Summary

Lee Kang To hurriedly changed into his police uniform and came to the office after everyone left for catching Gaksital in Kyeong Seong newspaper. Shonji was surprised but he stayed calm and just asked Kang To to make him a cup of ice coffee. “Do you think you can fool me?” He watched as Kang […]

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New SBS Weekend Drama “Five Fingers” Press Conference

Joo Ji Hoon’s fans everywhere must be so excited welcoming him again on small screen through drama “Five Fingers“. Following up “Gentleman’s Dignity” which had finished last week with a nice happy ending, SBS new weekend drama “Five Fingers” is ready for its first broadcast this Saturday, August 18. And today, August 16, the official […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 21 Quick Summary

Gaksital was finally facing Chae Hong Joo. “Don’t make me regret letting you live,” said her in her heart. Hong Joo approached Gaksital closer. She couldn’t hold her emotion that her eyes were teary and her hand was shaking. “Why you, why?” Then Hong Joo passed out, Gaksital caught her. Shonji immediately got the report […]