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Midas Episode 2 Summary

I really had a bad feeling about this drama ever since the first episode. I’m not saying this drama is bad, no, not at all. In fact, this drama is interesting though the atmosphere tends to be pretty serious. It’s about business and ambition, which actually suites me…BUT, I’m pretty sure there’ll be so much […]

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Midas Episode 1 Summary – A Brief Introduction

With the disappoinment of the Thorn Birds, I gave myself a try to watch Midas. Well, this drama has been quite a buzz. I had no idea if it’s because of the promising leading couple, Jang Hyeok and Lee Min Jeong, or the story did give us something new… Anyway, let’s have a look on […]

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Thorn Birds Episode 1 Summary – A Brief Introduction

Despite all the critics about Thorn Birds, I decided to give myself a try to watch it. And you know what, the critics do tell the right things. This drama is just too easy to read. It has all the drama cliches: the old pal turn to be arch villain kind of thing, the unsuccessful […]

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Which Drama to Follow?

With “Dream High”  wrapped up the airing, I get unsure which drama to follow. The already airing KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama that’s taking “The President” slot, “The Thorn Birds” (가시나무새) doesn’t seem very attractive to me. The plot line is so drama cliche and complicatedly unrealistic. It also received quite negative critics on its first airing. […]

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Dream High Episode 16 Summary (Final)

I can’t believe this drama was really over. I can say Dream High is one of the most creative Korean dramas ever. The concept was fresh, the casts had succeeded to turn people doubt into acknowledgement, the plot was very dynamic and the soundtracks were great. I actually couldn’t wait to write this summary as […]

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Dream High Episode 15 Summary

Hye Mi was leaving for USA, that’s the biggest issue in this episode. But the biggest news had to be Jason-Pil Sook relationship! They kissed…well, not practically on screen kissing, but let’s just say they did. Ma Doo Shik officially recruited Sam Dong and three ex-K group. Sam Dong’s self esteem was high. He asked […]

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Dream High Episode 13 Summary

I love this episode! People’s relationship were back to positive atmosphere…I call it a “friend call”. Sam Dong, Jason-Pil Sook, Sam Dong-Hye Mi-Jin Guk, Hye Mi-Baek Hee, and even between Jin Guk and his dad…they had pass the stage where someone hate somebody, and now it’s time for them to let their friends give a […]

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“Waiting” (“기다리다”) as song for Pil Sook (IU) & Jason (Woo Yeong)

In “Dream High” Episode 10, Jason (Woo Yeong) just couldn’t hold his feelings to Pil Sook (IU) anymore. It was very obvious. When Jason was in Japan he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He searched the internet of what kind of sickness might happened to her. He bugged Sam Dong asking what actually happened to […]

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Kissing Scene on Dream High Episode 10

Jin Guk and Hye Mi are kissing! Definitely yes. “Dream High” is getting more interesting Well, most of us must have seen the sneak peak from last episode I guess. Anyway, in episode 10, Hye Mi and Jin Guk met each other at Nagoya, Japan…where they’re about to go at the end of episode 9. […]