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Dream High Episode 7 Summary

Jin Guk was such an obidient son. His father said that he did everything and accomplished everything for him…what kind of child wouldn’t fall for that? So he decided to let loose of his ego and agreed to go for study abroad. He needed to go discreetly within a month. No one, especially the press […]

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Dream High Episode 6 Summary

Look who ended up pitying herself for her own evilness. I couldn’t believe she’s able to do that, but I still have a faith that Yoon Bek Hee was not that evil. From her teary eyes I could tell that she’s sorry for hurting Song Sam Dong. Sam Dong had to be taken to the […]

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Dream High Episode 5 Summary

The real war officially started, but with only Kang Oh Yeok as the teacher everything seemed to be hard. However, the students had no other choice but to ask him a big help. The three of them got along with each other well after all the misunderstandings cleared up. But Sam Dong was quite determine. […]

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Dream High Episode 3 Summary

Let’s start with the big question of “Why Jeong Ha Myeong seemed to have a big faith in such a lousy person -let alone as a teacher- as Kang Oh Yeok to find these 3 ‘special’ kids?” Jeong Ha Myeong apparently had a knack on seeing other people great potential. What rubbish for others could […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 3 Summary

Both Mae Ri and Jeong In finally found out their on-paper spouse. Unsurprisingly, Jeong In took the situation very calmly as if there’s nothing ever happened before. Jeong In put Mae Ri for a help in his office, being a sort of his personal secretary but without any real job. Mae Ri found out that […]

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Why “Fugitive: Plan B” is a Flop?

Firstly, so sorry if thousands of Rain’s fans out there disagree with me, but I think it’s a fact. KBS’s current drama “Fugitive: Plan B” is a flop. Prior its broadcast, the promotion was quite tempting. Having famous casts like Rain, Lee Na Yeong, Daniel Henney, Lee Jeong Jin and Yoon Jin Seo seemed to […]


Dae Mul Episode 3 Summary

This third episode was still an introductory for the drama. Well, at least that’s what I thought. The story line was quite slow, but I think Dae Mul does need a very firm premis since it’s bringing up such a heavy story idea. After rejected by Hye rim and waited out side her house for […]

“Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child” after “Secret Agent Miss Oh”

What would you do if you were as young as 10 years old and found out that you’re a beast? When I said a beast, it was almost physically in literate meaning: paws, pointy ears, yellowish fox-like eyes…and even fangs! And your beautiful mom is actually the one passed you over the monster gen? Well, […]


Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 16 Summary (Final)

It’s final episode everyone! The ending of the previous episode really gave us all a thrill. Han Do Hoon had actually known Ha Na’s real name…and not only her real name he knew, it’s almost everything. So, he knew she’s a secret agent, but yet he chose to let it be. He knew the truth […]