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Secret Garden Episode 13 Summary

I love this episode, the moments when Ra Im started to open up her heart and the moments when Joo Won began to wonder if he could make Ra Im his little mermaid only,because from then on Ra Im meant everything for him. They still look at each other long enough, very romantic, but unfortunately […]

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Dream High Episode 4 Summary

Sam Dong was too late coming to Kirin because he’s saving the lost child in the terminal, Jin Guk had a problem being under the spot light and then jut left, and it left Hye Mi all herself got booed by the whole school. The welcome ceremony was not welcome for three of them. And […]

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ATHENA Episode 3-4 Summary

Watching ATHENA is the opposite experience from watching “Marry Me, Mary!” For me that’s a kind of ironic since romantic drama has always been my favourite while action never really interersted me. But 70minutes something never seems enough for ATHENA.  The plot was very dynamic and the rythm of everything seems to be very fast. […]

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Secret Garden Concert for Last Episode

Sorry I’m too late, because there’s been a technical problem lately.  So sorry for your inconvinient. Anyway, “Secret Garden” almost reach the end. This drama is remarkable because it successfully become a phenomenon in Korea. Everyone was talking about this drama. And apparently they want to create a phenomenal ending too. So, on January 15th […]

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Secret Garden Soundtrack part 5

Finally, I could hear Hyun Bin sings “That Man” at the Secret Garden Soundtrack Part 5, which was released on January 7th. First time I heard it I smile, tw. The second time, I felt lost in my mind, and the third time I fell in love with his voice. His voice  is slightly husky […]

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Secret Garden Episode 12 Summary

So hard being a woman. We’re not stupid, we know nothing last forever in this world, but we’re not crazy enough to start a relationship with an ending-nothing-deal. At least, Kim Joo Won, you should be confident that you can bring your love to the end. Maybe Joo Won desperately to make Ra Im his […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 16 (Final)

Here we are at last, at the final episode. Moo Gyeol just left Mae Ri in the hospital, taking her silence as her answer. Not long after Moo Gyeol  left, Mae Ri got a phone call from Jeong In’s dad. His son finally woke up. Jeong In asked for a private time with Mae Ri, […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 15 Summary

I can say that episode 15 is about Moo Gyeol being childish. He didn’t want to listen to explanation, yet didn’t want to seek for the truth, abandon his professional work just because a personal issue, and lack of consideration. He’s definitely selfishly childish. Let me show you what I mean.. Moo Gyeol refused to […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 14 Summary

Even though I was so reluctant to watch or write about the last three episodes of “Marry Me, Mary!” I don’t think it’s fair if I have to worsen everything with my lame writing. That’s why I try my best in the remaining episode of my most disappointing drama of 2010. So sorry for being […]