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Midas Episode 6 Summary

Kim Do Hyeon is our arch villain everyone, remember that. He’s not our hero! Oooh, I really hate saying that. But this episode just tells us that. it’s so scary of how money can turn someone into a half evil. Do Hyeon got everything he had dreamt about, but he has to sacrifice his love […]

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49 Days Episode 3 Summary

Villains revealed their real intention. Disappointed indeed, but take it easy, there’s always a new hope. Because of the report from a bell boy, Ji Hyun was nearly caught by Min Ho, luckily she went hurryly to the elevator. Ji Hyun was still unstable, her body was still shaking. But when he went back to […]

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Midas 5 Episode Summary

Midas this episode is a real heartache. Do Hyeon drew a firm line. He’s not looking back. He’s leaving. Jeong Yeon made a sweet make up recording while waiting for Do Hyeon, but ended up sleeping alone that night because In Hye made his stayed at her room to have some drink together. He got […]

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Midas Episode 4 Summary

Midas episode 4 is turning my emotion up side down. Well, the uneasy feeling has started from the beginning, but at least Do Hyeon and Jeong Yeon managed to have a beautiful date. But as the drama went on…i started to feel the heartache… She asked Do Hyeon if he had reserved the whole restaurant […]

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Midas Episode 3 Summary

Everything is getting more fishy in Midas. This drama has been making the audience stay alert as well, in my opinion. With the car accident happened to Do Hyeon, we kind of knew that things would be getting harder and harder for him and also for Jeong Yeon. Kim Tae Sung surely knew Choi Gook […]

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49 Days Episode 1 Summary

After “Secret Garden” and took a looooooooooong vacation (anyway, thanks Rizz), finally I decided to make another SBS drama summary. I chose “49 Days”, actually, there is no drama that’s airing right now which I’m willing to watch, but I will give a scope for “49 Days”. This is a fantasy melodrama about second life […]

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Crime Squad Episode 1-2 Summary

Here comes the Crime Squad. It’s a bit late though, but turn out to be quite an interesting drama to watch. Here’s the brief introduction. Park Se Hyeok was an eccentric policeman. He can be very determine in tracking down a drug trafficker, but sometimes he just broke the law to put his fist on […]

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Midas Episode 2 Summary

I really had a bad feeling about this drama ever since the first episode. I’m not saying this drama is bad, no, not at all. In fact, this drama is interesting though the atmosphere tends to be pretty serious. It’s about business and ambition, which actually suites me…BUT, I’m pretty sure there’ll be so much […]

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Midas Episode 1 Summary – A Brief Introduction

With the disappoinment of the Thorn Birds, I gave myself a try to watch Midas. Well, this drama has been quite a buzz. I had no idea if it’s because of the promising leading couple, Jang Hyeok and Lee Min Jeong, or the story did give us something new… Anyway, let’s have a look on […]