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Secret Garden Soundtrack part 5

Finally, I could hear Hyun Bin sings “That Man” at the Secret Garden Soundtrack Part 5, which was released on January 7th. First time I heard it I smile, tw. The second time, I felt lost in my mind, and the third time I fell in love with his voice. His voice  is slightly husky […]

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Secret Garden Episode 12 Summary

So hard being a woman. We’re not stupid, we know nothing last forever in this world, but we’re not crazy enough to start a relationship with an ending-nothing-deal. At least, Kim Joo Won, you should be confident that you can bring your love to the end. Maybe Joo Won desperately to make Ra Im his […]

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Hyun Bin Before “Kkadonam”

Thanks to “Secret Garden” Hyun Bin is known as ‘kkadonam‘ (arrogant-urban guy), but KBS2 aired the new year special program featuring the faces of the actors when they’re nobody,” Top star X-files “, one of the victims is Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin’s pictures were taken from the program “Sunday 101%”, when he was rookie, before […]

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Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won: Best Couple from 2010 SBS Drama Award

On December 31st, SBS held the 2010 SBS Drama Awards. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won were selected as the best couple. As the most amusing and hot couple, Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im deserve that indeed. From the sexy-sit ups-scene, cappuccino-foam-kissing-scene, staring-at-her-while-she-were-sleeping-scene, and latest the sweety-party-kissing-scene. After watching episode 13 and episode […]

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Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won: The Best Chadonam and Ttadonyeo

Still from a movie site, held a poll on December 27th-30th about chadonam (cool-stuffy-urban guy), chadonyeo (cool-stuffy-urban girl), ttadonam (warm-friendly-urban guy), and ttadonyeo (warm-friendly- urban girl). And the results, for chadonam with 2602 respondents, first ranked was our kkadonam on Secret Garden, Hyun Bin, who are elected by 49,% votes (1287 respondents). In second place […]

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From SBS 2010 Drama Awards

Our first female president, Go Hyeon Jeong, got the highest award in the SBS 2010 Drama Awards, Daesang Award. Her acting in “Daemul” was so remarkable. I’m used to look her role as a fighter woman and I liked it, so girl power. She deserved the award indeed. In addition to Go Hyeon Jeong, Kwon […]


Lovely New Year Greeting from Ha Ji Won

During filming the “Secret Garden”, Ha Ji Won took her time to make a new year greeting. She made a big greeting card poured with four big hearts on each corners. She also prayed for everyone for good health and happyness in 2011. She wrote “2011 coming! I hope everyone is happy, healthy and sincerely, […]

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Most Memorable of 2010 Drama

For all the feast, the cheers, the fireworks, and the cold nights…HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! 2010 had been a memorable year for me because I started this blog . Dramas and movies have been giving a big influence in my life because basically I love stories and writing is more than just a hobby for […]

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Secret Garden Episode 11 Summary

This was episode full of emotion. My emotion went upside-down while watching because the story was getting serious. Joo Won managed to make me crazy, until I wanted to scratched out his face. Actually, I want to hate him, but I can’t. He’s just trying to be him and thinking logically fit reality. This time […]