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The Sad Truth in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 50

With Ja Eun’s father miraculously came back safe and sound, the sad truth finally revealed to the whole family. Tae Hee and Ja Eun had to deal with the reality that they’re linked into each other with a tragic fate. When Ja Eun introduced Tae Hee and her father, Tae Hee tried to hold his […]

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The Tears on Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 48

This is a heartbreaking episode for Hwang Tae Hee. He finally heard the truth from his on Police Chief. He tried to confirmed it to retired Officer Bong, and he got the same answer. He was upset and flustered, that he kept ignoring Ja Eun’s calls and text. Even when Ja Eun came by his […]

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Couple Get Back Together in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 47

The ups and downs of the Hwang Brothers in Ojakgyo Brothers is getting more interesting. It seems that the writer wanted the ups-downs moments of the brothers to be fair in the story line. After all the past weeks of Tae Hee-Ja Eun hot romance, the happiness has to move slowly but sure to the […]

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Tae Hee’s Singing on Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 46

The cute couple of Ojakgyo Brothers, Hwang Tae Hee and Baek Ja Eun have been much cuter these days. Ever since he embraces love with Ja Eun, the stern third son of Hwang family has become a new personality that surprises many people. Tae Hee has become softer, lovelier, and with his daredevil character, he […]

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The Brothers, Drinking, and Ja Eun on Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 45

I love the way the Hwang brothers always have time for each other. They’re solid brothers. They are always there for their brothers in the ups and downs. And the best thing to get together is of course with a bottle (or more) alcohol. On episode 45, Tae Hee  and Ja Eun finally told the […]

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Fashion Report From Red Carpet Ceremony on 2011 KBS Drama Awards

Okay, i’ll try to finish my homeworks, and actually i have promised Rizz to make this article.  and frankly i really enjoy reviewing this red carpet. i love almost the gowns showed in this event, more pretty legs, more shopisticated design. and more gorgeous gowns. On December 31th, the KBS’s actors and actress being together […]

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The Winners List from 2011 KBS Drama Awards

Oops so sorry I just realized that Rizz only made brief articles about 2011 KBS Drama Awards. She didn’t cover the other winners. So let me make this article longer to show the other winners. The event was held at night on December 31st. Many actors and actresses came to that big event. That night […]

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Passionate Kiss of Joo Won in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 36

Episode 36 of Ojakgyo Brothers was such a turning point for Detective Hwang Tae Hee’s life (played by Joo Won). He confessed his love AGAIN to Baek Ja Eun (Uee) in the end of episode 34, but in the opening of episode 35, Jae Eun just gave a blur answer of “Yes…(let’s) go.” [“Ye…Kayo”] and […]

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