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Love Rain Episode 12 Quick Summary

Seon in Ha came down to Joon’s place. When the boys was going to tell In Ha that the girl he saw was Ha Na, Joon’s girl friend, Seon Ho tried to prevent them. Joon, out of nowhere said “Let’s break up.” They sat in the little restaurant to talk. Joon stayed quite. Seon Ho […]

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Love Rain Episode 11 Quick summary

Depsite its low rating, Love Rain keep on moving confidently. The story has become more complicated as the children just started their love while the parents agreed to star over. The children were having their romantic early blooming love-flower when suddenly Joon got a phonecall telling him about his father. He instantly went out in a […]

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Love Rain Episode 10 Quick Summary

Ha Na was mesmerized by Joon’s kiss attack. She couldn’t lift her head when they arrived at home. “How are we going to do?” asked Ha Na. “It’s up to me now,” said Joon smugly, but he treated her nicely that he even held her hand. But Ha Na said she never got to think of […]

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Love Rain Episode 9 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 9 is summed up as the episode where the children, Joon and Ha Na, started to build their relationship, while the parents, In Ha and Yoon Hee, were trying to get back what they had lost years ago. Joon’s confession was very unromantic, Ha Na at first didn’t really take it seriously […]

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Love Rain Episode 8 Quick Summary

Seon In Ha was crossing the street and he finally realized that the woman under the yellow umbrella was Kim Yoon Hee, his first love. He ran following her and finally approached her. “Is it true you? You live?” Yoon Hee came towards In Ha and put the umbrella above them both. Meanwhile the children […]

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Love Rain Episode 7 Quick Summary

Seo Joon dragged Ha Na out of the small building. He thought Ha Na was just taking an excuse to see him again, but he was so surprise when Ha Na showed him the flyer. It wasn’t his doing. So the picture was printed by the publishing because they like it. Lee Seon Ho (Lee […]

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Love Rain Episode 6 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 6 started in the natural hot spring. Seo Joon leaned forward and was about to kiss Ha Na…but his assistant suddenly came. Sitting on the back seat in the car, both Ha Na and Seo Joon was awkward. Even though Seo Joon kept telling his talkative  assistant not to speak, he just spoke […]

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Love Rain Episode 5 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 5 started at the train station. A girl named Ha Na bumped into Seo Joon. She was saying “sumimasen” to him, but turned out to be a Korean because she spoke Korean with her friends. Seo Joon was a pro photographer. He said to his assistant that he had never felt a heart […]

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Love Rain Episode 4 Quick Summary

Love Rain Episode 4 started with the couple walking down the street that evening. In Ha said, “The truth is…I really miss you.” Yoon Hee said, “me too.” Then they walked holding hand, and kept holding hand until they sat on the bench in front of a building, something like a town hall. In Ha explained […]

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